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Poetic Stone

           We all have a story. We all want someone to hear it, to know it, to remember it. It's important to make our mark in this world, make a change, leave a little piece of ourselves as evidence we were here. Well, this is my mark or at least one of them. Poetic Stone was derived and influenced by being a poet myself and admiring the depth of expression and the many ways of creation to display it. Poetry is a voice expressed in the art of language, it's a perspective of emotion, it's a story that craves attention and relation. It's a beautiful piece that wants to be seen. Well, all the above goes for jewelry as well.

Behind every piece of jewelry, there's a memory, a story; something special that it relates to, or maybe a special someone. Sometimes it's just the way a piece of jewelry makes you feel that is special and connects you to it. 

Did you know that in every stone, every crystal, there lives energy? -+

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Chemistry Between You & Your Jewelry

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