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Start your new year off with a surprise gift, you know you have earned it, by looking back at the crazy year we just survived! We all need some light in our life, to remind us that the sun really does shine after a storm. So get lit up with the chance to win a beautiful handmade jewelry piece, from Poetic Stone. A gift made from the sweet hills of Montana.

So make sure to join the mailing list to become a Poetic Stone subscriber. One initial sign up, gets your name automatically placed in the drawing that takes place each month for all subscribers. This is one way Poetic Stone can give a gift & help the world smile poetically, one stone at a time.

So hurry up & get yourself in the drawing for a chance to win a New Year surprise or a chance to be a winner any month so forth. If the beginning of this upcoming year doesn't surprise you, then let the future do it! What do you have to loose? You loose nothing in this situation, as for this is totally FREE!!

Let the ball roll....Good Luck! :)

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