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.. and face the ultimate betrayal: to give back to Roma her own heart, to live happily ever after, or to stay together with her husband, in love and respect, but in an other life. References Category:Indian thriller novels Category:1992 novels Category:Gujarati-language novels Category:Indian romance novels Category:1992 Indian novels What is the best way to build a widget for the iPhone? - 5evets I have a web application that has an iPhone widget. It currently looks like this: have two questions:1. Is there a better way of doing it?2. Are there any other widgets that I should consider using? ====== bediger I think you need something like this: [ ind...]( index.html) That's from the official iPod site. Can't find any other widget source, that really _is_ official. A parent and a first-year teacher's experiences of returning to work after a bereavement. This study explored the impact of the first year after the death of a child on a first-year teacher and their mother. The researcher, a qualified teacher, had undertaken a placement with the bereaved family. Findings were presented to the bereaved parents and a discussion was held about the research and its implications for practice. The following discussion explored the impact of returning to work for the bereaved parent and the teacher.Q: How to make a duplicate of a record to move only certain columns I'm using the MigrationService to update records based on a Mapping (an XML file) and the SystemEventMapping table. The mapping has a trigger and and a ProcessStartInfo class in it. The ProcessStartInfo is set up to start the trigger. The trigger is a function on the trigger it creates the process, which copies a record from the sys.database.sys.tables to a temp table and runs the trigger. The trigger in turn updates the mapping with the temp table. The records I'm trying to move have hundreds of columns. I'm using the following



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